Quality Commitment

1. IFCC Membership

MedicalSystem has become corporate member of IFCC in 2015.

MedicalSystem has been participated IFCC-RELA since 2010, in 2017 with the most 22 items ,the results are all passed.

2.JCTLM Membership

In June 2017 MedicalSystem, as the only IVD manufacturer, has become the Stakeholder Member of JCTLM

3. Int’l Accreditation for Reference Laboratory

In February 2018, the reference Laboratory of MedicalSystem got the accreditation from JCTLM

4. International Traceability Accreditation

MedicalSystem has got 10 international traceability certificates, including T-CH, HDL-C, ApoA-I, ApoB etc. 4 measurement systems of T-CH and HDL-C have got the traceability accreditation of CDC, which also reaches the recommended T-CH accuracy and precision of NCEP.

CNAS Medical Reference Laboratory Accreditation

MedicalSystem has got the accreditation of CNAS in 3th.April 2016. Till March 2018, MedicalSystem has got the accreditation of 16 items from CNAS

CAP Proficiency Testing

MedicalSystem has been participated the CAP proficiency testing with 28 biochemistry items, the results are all passed.